17 cantece pentru biciclisti

Prima mea bicicleta a fost o tricicleta. Din aia cu roti pline si subtiri. Din tricicleta am transformat-o in bicicleta si cu ceva efort am invatat sa merg pe 2 roti. Apoi a urmat un Pegas Camping. L-am hartanit pana pe la la vreo 15 ani si apoi pauza pana la 40 de ani. Atunci, nu stiu de ce, am primit o bicicleta japoneza, second hand, un soi de semicursiera, cu sa de piele naturala. Nu am apucat sa merg nici macar 100 de metri cu ea, a zacut prin subsolul blocului. Intre timp m-am mutat. Am luat-o dupa mine, habar nu am pentru ce. Pana saptamana trecuta. Am scos-o de sub casa scarii si parca o privesc cu alti ochi. Chiar daca-mi doresc un Brompton.
Hai sa biciclim!

Queen || Bicycle Race
Cuvinte cheie: “I want to ride my bicycle / I want to ride it where I like”

The Smiths || This Charming Man
Cuvinte cheie: “Punctured bicycle / On a hillside desolate”

The Chemical Brothers || Velodrome
Cuvant cheie: Velodrome

TV On The Radio || Bicycle Are Hot Red
Cuvinte cheie: “Bicycles are red hot / Wet pleather jumpsuit”

Shonen Knife || Cycling Is Fun
Cuvinte cheie: “Riding on the cycling road / Everyone is having fun”

St. Vincent || Bicycle
Cuvinte cheie: “You stole my bicycle / So I had to walk / Twenty-six blocks in the rain / What a shame”

Red Hot Chili Peppers || Bicycle Song
Cuvinte cheie: “How could I forget to mention the bicycle is a good invention”

Pink Floyd || Bike
Cuvinte cheie: “I’ve got a bike. You can ride it if you like.”

Katie Melua || Nine Million Bicycles
Cuvinte cheie: “There are nine million bicycles in Beijing / That’s a fact”

Kraftwerk || Tour De France
Cuvinte cheie: “Tour De France”

Madness || Riding On My Bike
Cuvinte cheie: “I went riding on my bike (he went riding on his bike) / With a spanner, pump, back and front light (with a spanner, pump, back and front light)”

Mum || Slow Bicycle
Cuvinte cheie: None

The Decemberists || Apology Song
Cuvinte cheie: “I’m really sorry Steven / But your bicycle’s been stolen”

Turin Brakes || Painkiller
Cuvinte cheie: “Take the pain killer, cycle on your bicycle / Leave all this misery behind”

Yves Montand || A Bicyclette
Cuvinte cheie: “On était tous amoureux d’elle / On se sentait pousser des ailes/ A bicyclette”

Mark Ronson || The Bike Song
Cuvinte cheie: “I run around town, around round the town / With the pedal to the me… The pedal to whatever”

Engelbert Humperdinck || Les bicyclettes de Belsize
Cuvinte cheie: “Les bicyclettes de Belsize / Carry us side by side / And hand in hand we will ride / Over Belsize”