Do gentlemen rave? East India Youth Live

Do gentlemen rave?

This sounds like a rhetoric question because it is. And I bet it would look good on a wall painted by Banksy himself.

But Mr. Doyle aka East India Youth definetly does have a sofisticated and refined taste in raving. All suited up and givin’ it a 200% live raw energy. So much I felt, alongside the other members of the audience we imploded a bit at the end of his set.

East India Youth Live 2

The massive embracing sonic palette has a cocoonish quality. Some songs bring you close to a sublime sense of synthpop new wave melodies reminiscent of The Human League & OMD or Klaxons & Metronomy: Turn Away, Beaming White, End Result and Looking For Someone or Don’t Look Backwards.

While other tunes go full force into punkish distorted house-dance with heavy synth and electric bass riffs. Such as Heaven How Long, Juddering, Montage Resolution, Hearts That Never.

East India Youth Live 3

This good sirs attitude onstage breathes a concentration & focus mixed with total submission to the force of music. To what these songs structures and sonic waves dictate! All that bass, all those twisted almost reckless beats, they mean the world. They mean the moment, they mean the freshness and monument of the now!

Half gentleman-dj half indie punker mingling with synthesizer frequencies, but steadily keeping a balance between the organic of the analog and the agressiveness of the digital electro, East India Youth reminds everyone that youth brings action. The sense of youth has in itself imprinted a certain cruelty, a certain loudness and high level of energy that needs to be fullfilled!

Do all britishmen put on a suit and ceremoniously rock a live performance?

I’m sure not, but a good 90% of them, regardless the genre, are plugged in and reign over every inch of the stage! I’m talking about some of the people that the suit suits such as John Cooper Clarke, David Bowie, Bryan Ferry and fictionaries as James Bond. They fully understand the respect you have to submit to the audience and play with all of your blood pumping and communicating nothing but passion and dedication.

photos by Valeriu Catalineanu of Romanian Club Culture