Omelette – With A Rose, With A Fire

“Every once in a while you get to tell a different story.” This is how Dez, the vocalist of Omelette, likes to introduce her new project Omelette, alongside Alin, the producer and multi-instrumentalist of the group and Vali, her husband, the visual artist and videomaker.

With A Rose With A Fire, the album is definitely a new chapter from Jazzadezz, their indie-rock philosophic past project, you can still perceive some vocal inflexions, but nothing more than that. Now we got straight-on synthpop with psychedelic 8-bit synths on one of the songs (Felix) and lots of arpeggios, heavy beats intertwined with deep bass chords, majestically layered by Alin and filtered vocals. Most of them are Dez’s, but there is also a solitary jewel of a chant called Oh Baby with the producer and composer’s vocoder treated voice. This long play is pure pleasure with kitchy guilt: Everyone’s guilty pleasure a true indie eclectic treasure.

Pounding songs like With A Rose With A Fire and Hello kickstart this retro sounding collection of songs.
There is a legend in the music world that song number four must always be the coolest and deadliest from a band or artist: let us prove this, what do you think One by U2, One by Metallica, The Passenger by Iggy Pop, Starman by David Bowie have in common?
In the case of Omelette, they play their cards right and number four is their biggest hit until now, Kissing, one of the most natural and free flowing songs on this album. If you’re into girls who like girls and boys who like boys you should check it right now: click PLAY!

This is a concept album though, let us remind you that just like their friends and peers Karpov Not Kasparov are chess-obsessed, Omelette are breakfast and sex addicted: two of the most important moments in human life. The album is based around this explicit conceptual foundation, millions of miles away from their last band who did not play jazz.

We are not going too far with the usual comparison in Romanian music, where everyone always needs to approach every band through their inspirations or sound-alikes outside Romania, and we can say easily that this trio is The Holy Synthpop Trinity of Bucharest: Dez is like Virgin Mary, she is raising now two Baby Jezuz, Alin is like the Synth Magus and Vali is like Saint Joseph of the Psychedelic Vizualz. Check out the video for Luna and witness the lack of blasphemy from our part.

Be Kind For Real, Sadie, Nikita, Piu Piu are a batch of tunes about something else than breakfast. What sells more than synthesizers?

At this concert we were with our Newcastle-born friend Jonny, (his father has seen The Police perform in their hometown for 15 people – OH YEAH!), who could sense some Kate Bushian vibrations going on at their Control launch, but we told him that Dez preffers Cocteau Twins so he’s chill now. He has also pointed how cool Omelette is as they constantly grow in numbers onstage: 2 kinky exceptional dancers who try to overcome the last performance with their next (we’ve seen Omelette 5 times now and trust us they’re getting better) and with 2 special guest vocalist females from Keplar Not Kopernicus the little brother band of Karpov Not Kasparov.
We just cannot ignore the superb With A Rose With A Fire – Flora’s Edit, that closes this album full circle and just like their peers Karpov Not Kasparov’s LP reprises a cool definitive Omelette song in an orchestral way. Beautiful work Flora!

If you are curious about this band now that you’ve read what we have to say, you can see how they work-it live, right here: BalconyTV Live Be Kind For Real.