Teen Daze: “My preferred desert plate? Snickers and nutella gelato.”

Canadianul Jamison aka teen daze din British Columbia isi autodescrie muzica drept chillwave, glo-fi si o carcterizeaza drept inecata in reverb. Eu as adauga ca penduleaza subtil intre ambiental si dream-pop, incearcand sa transpuna niste peisaje relaxante in note muzicale filtrandu-le apoi prin acul de la pick-up. Muzica potrivita pentru leneveala pe plaja si moleseala care se lasa cu gadilat dansant! Auditie placuta!

Good day teen daze, my name is Andy and I collaborate with EclecticFM, a radio that has a lot of respect for your sound and attitude, for your musical journey. Greetings and congratulations to have come this far in your searches!

01. The artwork that complements your music is exquisite! I really feel like inside an exhibition when looking at the covers of your EP’s and LP’s. How about making one of your concerts an audio-visual performance with an installation feel. You performing in the middle of a room filled with these pictures and collages?
That would be a delight! I’ve done sets where I’ve used projections of old Super 8 footage, mostly from old documentaries, and adding that visual layer to the show is really amazing. But doing something that revolved exclusively around images that are associated with my releases would be even more speical.

02. I think “All of Us, Together” is my favorite “canvas” of yours. Please let everybody know how this came about: inspirations, technique and promotional innovations. I just love the collage artwork of Nathaniel Whitcomb. Who is he?
All Of Us, Together was a collection of songs that I made after A Silent Planet. I wanted to move back towards are more electronic-based sound/song structure, and less of the more song-oriented thing I was doing on Silent Planet. I tried to emulate some of my favourite synth-based musicians, especially one from the past, Harald Grosskopf, and a peer, Tycho.
Nathaniel is a good friend of mine, whom I met at South By Southwest back in 2011. We had a lot of mutual friends, and even after our first conversation, I knew we would have a great friendship. We’ve worked together on all my full lengths, and I believe him to be the most important part of the visual aspect of this project. Also, he has a beautiful wife and daughter, and two cats, and they live a very nice life in the midwest of the US.

03. Can you please expand on the concept of A Silent Planet?
In 2008, I was studying philosophy in Switzerland, and I came across the “Space Trilogy” by CS Lewis. These books (Out Of The Silent Planet and Perelandra, especially) had a huge impact on shaping my ideas regarding “the imaginary landscape.” This is something that is a common theme in the music of another big influence of mine, Brian Eno, and it’s something that really stood out to me in these books. The descriptions that Lewis uses to create this new world are captivating, and I knew as soon as I read the first book that I wanted to create music that sounded the way this world felt. So in 2011, I began writing my soundtrack/score to the story. The EP loosely follows the narrative of the book, minus a few holes that some B-Sides filled in, but I like to think that it’s a nice companion to the book.

04. What can you tell us about Lefse Records?
Lefse Records has been my home since 2011, and the people working there have been like a family to me. They’ve encouraged, inspired, and really just worked their asses off to help me succeed.

05. If you would have to compare your explorations with some of Jules Verne’s novels which record would you compare to which book?
I’m not nearly as well-versed with Verne as I am with some other sci-fi authors, but I would probably say 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Another piece of art that deals with an imaginary landscape.

06. Can you tell me one word you know in Romanian and how you got to learn it?
I feel bad for admitting this, but I don’t think I know a single one. Needless to say, I’m excited to learn 🙂

07. What would it be your dream back-to-back set?
I’ve already talked about him a bit, but it would be Brian Eno. I would LOVE to hear what he plays during a DJ set.

08. How much time did you ever managed to stay off music? Without thinking of it, without listening to it, like you would have completely forgot you ever had ears?
Maybe like a few days at the most, probably on a tour at some point. Your ears get so tired having music constantly playing (which is what usually happens when you’re in a van for 12 hours at a time), so every once and a while it’s nice to have a break. But for the most part, it’s a pretty important part of my daily experience.

09. What is your preferred desert plate?
Snickers and nutella gelato, maybe with a nice crunchy snack on top, like some Oreo pieces, or some crunchy peanut butter melted on top. I’m really quite open to anything in this department.

See you soon in Control!

Have a nice day,
All the best,
Andrei “Andy” Bucureci