Fear Is A Lie, The Dream Diggers debut album from last year has set the bar very high in our community of electronic music. Containing an eclectic mix of dub, hip-hop, industrial, grime, drum n bass, trip-hop and high quality dubstep (a genre very hard to find these days), it changed a lot of things in romanian bass music. A lot of collaborations and a very coherent narrative have made it one of my year’s favorites. With such songs as War, Need To Live, Fear Is A Lie, Enter My Dream State, Fade Out and The Girl from the Harbor, it’s hard to think of or imagine a follow-up. Check’em out to see for yourself!

Usually a new release after such a succesfull and potent LP takes some years of creative spawning, but this is not the case with Low Freq and Inward String. After teasing us, at the end of a very weird winter in romanian music, with such tunes as Fame and Money and Nostalgia, The Dream Diggers have been announced as a supergroup. Now we are talking about a quartet, composed of the aforementioned producers and featuring live drumming by Razvan Ristea and main vocals, guitar and trumpet by Mihnea Blidariu, two performers from one of Cluj’s most innovative alternative rock bands, Luna Amara.

To Dream is to See EP is radically something else as a sonic piece of discography. It lacks the electronic music feel of Fear Is A Lie, a work tuned-in to the worldwide electronic music scene, but plunges into industrial rock arena. Of course, there is the ecception, Heading for Disaster, a tensionate lullaby that feels like a continuation of the Fear Is A Lie song. I only wish the lion roar sample would be higher in the mix for a proper feeling of alienation and the desired effect of fauna grotesque in our human nature. Wrong From Right and To Dream is to See have their roots deeply into Nine Inch Nails territory with their soundscapes and riffs, but not without some refferences to electronic gothic rock as seen once in Amorphis or Paradise Lost: hints of melodic tragism and a dark patetism. System Glitch is the number 1 anti-establishment and political manipulation anthem, that should be a galactic credo of any nation and species. It is proof we never have to submit to speculation and submission patterns or else…Matrix, like it was said so many times before, is not a fiction, it is a documentary!

On this extended play there’s lyrical content and metaphors signaling the end of 2015, a unique year for human kind, with events like Colectiv, the Paris attacks, plus a lot of political brainwashing that have echoed on an international level.

Looking forward this year for a beautifully wrapped Christmass present such as this: A new Dream Diggers LP, a cd containing a more symbolic image of the dystopic romanian landscape around us soundtracked by 10 new songs with more trumpet, sub bass waves and more cowbell!

PS: Catch the Dream Diggers live, they will rock your world, ears and stomach!